• Published: LXXXV Georg Strauch – Nicolaus Strauss

    The substantial oeuvre of Georg Strauch is mostly interesting in terms of portraiture in Nuremberg and book illustrations for works by Johann Michael Dilherr among others. He made notable portraits of Georg Imhoff and the poet Georg Philipp Harsdörffer. Numerous engravers reproduced his work including Johann Alexander Böner, Johann Friedrich Fleischberger, Andreas Kohl, Melchior Küsel, Johann Friedrich Leonart, Jacob von Sandrart, Cornelius Nicolaus Schurtz and others. In a few instances there are insights into how the prints were made, with extant preparatory drawings and unfinished proofs.

    Lorenz Strauch was a painter and draughtsman. He made a striking self-portrait when he was 65 holding his palette and brushes which was engraved by Hans Troschel. His topographical work showing the appearance and buildings of Nuremberg is of particular importance, including a charming series of six small etchings (nos. 2-7), two dated 1598 and 1599, anticipating Wenceslaus Hollar. He executed and published some of the topographical works himself, but there are also significant views of the Town Hall (Rathaus) by Hans Troschel and a prospect by Hans Wechter. In addition he made a trip to the Tyrol and drew Innsbruck and the interior of the Hofkirche (Barfüsser Church).

  • Bernhard Strauss is better known as an Augsburg sculptor in ivory rather than an engraver. A good example of his work is a carved ivory mounted silver gilt tankard with Silenus and bacchic revels in London (V&A, 4529-1858) signed and dated “ANNO 1651. Bernard Straus. Goldschmidgesel, Von Marckdorf am Bodensee, Fecit, A. Vinde''. The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (KK_4526) has a fine ivory cup (Deckelpokal) signed like the prints "Bernard Straus Awrifaber fecit". Another ivory work is a cup with a bacchanal scene in Amsterdam (BK-NM-7347) signed 'Bernard Straus Aurifaber Marcdorffensis Acronianus fecit'. It is significant that many of the extant pieces are influenced by the work of Rubens and that we find that two of his prints are copies of works by Schelte Bolswert and Lucas Vorsterman after Rubens.

    Compiled by Dieter Beaujean
    Edited by Simon Turner


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