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Since assuming responsibility for the Hollstein enterprise in 1995, Sound & Vision has been instrumental in the blossoming of the Hollstein project, while launching a new series Studies in Prints and Printmaking. Enthusiasm, organisational skills and stamina have been key factors for their success to date, coupled with the support of a loyal team of compilers and editors. The past years the collecting, assimilation and distribution of information on prints has changed dramatically as a consequence of new ICT. Technological tools and instruments for the structured collection of data on prints have been developed. Direct digitising of prints is perceived as the best way to achieve standardisation in the quality of visual information, thereby improving the basis for assessment and comparison. Sound & Vision facilitates projects on prints and printmaking in partnership with institutions.

Sound & Vision Publishers has developed a specialized database (PrintDB) for describing every aspect of a print. This rather complex, but easy to use tool, is used by most of our art historians while performing their research. After finalisation of the research the data collected using this tool are extracted and transformed to a text manuscript. The necessary images are ordered at print rooms throughout the world. When necessary we digitise the images ourselves, following the concept: single storage - multiple usage. All images are kept in a digital non-compressed format. Our prepress department is taking care of the next step by combining the text and images into the lay-out of the new publication. Keeping in mind the series standards.

The physical production of the books is done at Deckers-Snoeck in Belgium, with their “extremely high definition printing” one of the leading printers in this specialised field of art books.

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