Crispijn de Passe and his progency (1564-1670), a century of print production

Crispijn de Passe and his children - three sons and a daughter - were extremely successful engravers and print publishers. The family was active in various European cities: Antwerp, Cologne, Utrecht, London, Paris, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Central themes in this book are Crispijn the Elder's activities as a businessman, his collaboration with designers and Neo-Latin poets, booksellers and friends, and the content and function of the prints produced by him and his children, related to religious, social and political factors. With the aid of an overwhelming amount of new archival material and personal documents, the author paints a vivid picture of the De Passes' lives, works and business, in which the 'human detail' and complex family relationships play an important part.

By Ilja Veldman

ISBN: 978-90-75607-57-4
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