Reinier Zeeman [Part I]

The painter and etcher Reinier Nooms, called Zeeman (c. 1623-1667) was unquestionably one of the leading etchers of seascapes in seventeenth-century Holland. His spirited, yet delicate handling of the etching needle displays a freedom of style that was rarely equalled before the nineteenth century. In addition to his marines, Zeeman was also reputed for his remarkable topographical series, the best-known of which are his views of Amsterdam and Paris that are still highly acclaimed for their exceptional combination of a keen eye for topographical details and artistic skill.

Regarding the frequent depiction of Mediterranean coasts in prints and paintings, as well as the fact that Nooms generally signed with his nickname Zeeman (sailor), he is supposed to have travelled a great deal as a crewmember on Dutch merchant-ships or men-of-war. Nooms most probably accompanied Admiral Michiel de Ruyter on his mission to the Barbary coast from 1661 to 1663, during which he produced brilliantly drawn city views. In addition to a detailed and fully illustrated catalogue supported by fresh research, this publication includes an introduction discussing the various publishers at home and abroad, who (re)-issued Zeeman's etchings.

Published in 2001
Compiler: Jeroen de Scheemaker
Editor: Dieuwke de Hoop Scheffer
ISBN: 978-90-75607-67-3
276 pp.

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