Adriaen van Ostade, Part I

As one of the most important painter-etchers of the Dutch Golden Age, the print oeuvre of the Haarlem artist Adriaen van Ostade had been catalogued a number of times during the past two centuries, most thoroughly by Louis Godefroy in 1930, now almost a hundred years ago. His pioneering work has now been brought up-to-date and expanded by this new catalogue raisonné of Van Ostade’s etchings.

To compile these New Hollstein volumes on Adriean van Ostade, more collections than ever before were consulted. An almost infinite number of digital photographs of thousands of impressions was thus obtained. By minutely comparing these a much more accurate description of the numerous states of his prints could be made, as well as a distinction between contemporary and posthumous states. All of these are illustrated. Moreover, Van Ostade’s etched oeuvre is arranged chronologically for the first time and many previously unknown copies after his prints are listed and illustrated. The introduction offers new insights into the artist’s development as an etcher. An explanation is, for instance, sought for Van Ostade’s sudden loss of interest in etching around 1653, after a few productive years in this field.

The volumes are dedicated to the memory of Ger Luijten (1956-2022), who meant so much to Hollstein, Sound & Vision Publishers and the entire print community.

Volume I: Adriaen van Ostade, text

Published in 2023
Compilers: Paolo Giordani and Jaco Rutgers
Editor: Peter van der Coelen
ISBN: 978-90-9037618-9
202 pp.

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