Barthel Beham

This new catalogue of Barthel Beham's prints appears 65 years after the corresponding Beham-volumes of the old Hollstein series, edited by Friedrich Wilhelm Hollstein himself in 1954. As these volumes meanwhile do not satisfy any longer the requirements of a modern catalogue raisonné a new revised and improved edition seemed long overdue. An extensive scientific literature and many important exhibitions testify a new interest in the art of the so called Little Masters and their important impact on Renaissance print­making, print-collecting and iconology in the generation after Dürer and in their role within the Reformation movement as well.

Of course, after more than a century many of Pauli's statements lost their validity: Due to the losses in two World Wars, the dissolving and dispersal of collections, and a real flood of new scientific literature made thorough studies in public and private collections necessary. The long list of consulted collections in Europe, North America and Australia as well as the abundant bibliography are proves for Röver's intense object research. Quite according to Pauli's intentions she added short informations about quality and about provenances of the prints, highly valuable informations for professional users.

The new catalogue contains 108 engravings by Barthel Beham instead of 94, listed by Pauli 1911. Additionally 16 single-leaf woodcuts and 20 book-illustrations, once attributed by Heinrich Röttinger in 1921 are included to Barthel's oeuvre. 23 rejected prints are sparately listed in an attachment. All these changes made it necessary to establish a new numbering system. Anne Röver-Kann payed increased attention not only to the different states of the prints but also to the great number of copies made by other artists, which proves the popularity of Barthel's models. Last but not least the new catalogue provides high resolution illustrations to every print that enable the user to identify the different states.

Published in 2021
Compiler: Anne Röver-Kann
Editor: Rainer Schoch
ISBN: 978-94-91539-76-3
238 pp.

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