Rembrandt School

Like Rembrandt, a few of his pupils and other artists from his immediate circle embarked on a career as a so-called painter-etcher. Besides having their considerable oeuvres as painters, Jan Lievens, Ferdinand Bol, and Philips Koninck, to name a few, also created a number of prints. Most of these have been described in a rather summary way in the earlier volumes of the original Hollstein Dutch series and not all of them are illustrated.

These etchings, many highly accomplished and very collectable, certainly warrant a more thorough and in-depth treatment as they have had before, however most of their print oeuvres are not nearly substantial enough to have their ‘own’ New Hollstein volume. Therefore, it has been decided on a different approach for these specific artists, an approach already well known to Rembrandt scholars. Following Werner Sumowski’s magnificent volumes of the ‘Gemaelde der Rembrandt Schueler’ and the ‘Drawings of the Rembrandt School’, the etchings of the Rembrandt School will be published together in one set. The volumes will also treat a number of etchings previously ascribed to Rembrandt but now considered anonymous.

Compiler: Jaco Rutgers (The section on Ferdinand Bol's prints is prepared in collaboration with Richard Weiskopf)
Editor: Ger Luijten