CII Heinrich Ulrich the Elder (continued) - M.L.L. Ultzmayr

Allmost the whole of this volume is taken up by the rest of Heinrich Ulrich the Elder’s production, that already filled most of the preceding one. For the first time his younger name-sake is here presented as a printmaker too. It is not clear but highly likely that Heinrich Ulrich the Younger was the son of the elder. He even etched the elder’s portrait almost two decades after his death making it the only known likeness of his forerunner. His only other known sheet is also a portrait. The other two printmakers in the volume are two Austrian artists of the 17th century who’s identity does not become completely clear. For each of the two, only two prints could be traced. Both of the sheets by Hans Georg Ultzmayr are to be found in a book published in 1690, while Matthäus Lorenz Leopold Ultzmayr, signing himself as an engraver in Vienna, contributed a large, fine sheet to a 1657 book and published an etched run-of-the-mill depiction of an important battle of the Turkish wars.

Published in 2022
Compiler: Dieter Beaujean
Editor: Gero Seelig
ISBN: 978-94-91539-90-9
284 pp.

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