Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts ca. 1400 - 1700

The Hollstein German series is still far away from completion, having just reached ST in the alphabet. After the retirement of Tilman Falk, as editor we have been welcoming Rainer Schoch of the Graphische Sammlung des Germanisches Nationalmuseums Narnberg and Guilia Bartrum of the British Museum as his successors. More recent Simon Turner joined the team of editors for Hollsteins German series. We took great pleasure in welcoming the connoisseur of and expert on fifteenth century printmaking Nicholas Stogdon as guest editor for the Schongauer catalogue.

Before, the late Karel G. Boon of the Rijksmuseum print room, and Fedja Anzelewsky, director of the Berlin print room, have acted as editors in the period until 1975. Under the guidance of such experienced scholars, the team of German compilers have been making steady progress, the volumes compiled by Gerlinde Latke Notarp and Gero Seelig with a variety of artists, including the catalogues for Johann Heinrich Schanfeldt, Johann Jacob Schollenberger, Cornelius Nicolaus Schurtz, Hans Schwarzenberger, Hans Sibmacher and Ludwig von Siegen.

Nowadays Dieter Beuajean is our main compiler for this series, he has been working on the volumes on Virgil Solis and now is working on the continuation of the S-artists. Henceforth, the same editorial policy, design and production standards will be applied to the current series and the new series. Together, Hollsteins German and New Hollstein German series will form a catalogue unique in its completeness and ease of use.


The volumes indicated with an asterix (*) are not available anymore.