Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts ca. 1400 - 1700

With the research into the artists starting with the letter W, the series Hollstein’s German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts, ca. 1400-1700 series is nearing completion. Over the years, several researchers and editors have contributed to the publications in this series, after the retirement of Tilman Falk, as editor we have been welcoming Rainer Schoch of the Graphische Sammlung des Germanisches Nationalmuseums Nürnberg and Guilia Bartrum of the British Museum as his successors. The last years Simon Turner has joined the team of editors for Hollsteins German series. Before, the late Karel G. Boon of the Rijksmuseum print room, and Fedja Anzelewsky, director of the Berlin print room, have acted as editors in the period until 1975.
For many years Dieter Beaujean is our main compiler for this series, he started with the Hollstein project on Virgil Solis (2002) and is currently researching the artists which names starts with the letter W. Henceforth, the same editorial policy, design and production standards will be applied to the current series and the new series. Together, Hollstein's German and The New Hollstein German series will form a catalogue unique in its completeness and ease of use.

- The light purple coloured titles are not available anymore