New Project: The De Bry dynasty

The De Brys are best known as book publishers who were active in Frankfurt am Main and for some time in nearby Oppenheim. They were renowned for lavishly illustrated multi-volume projects such as the monumental volumes treating America with many plates derived from drawings by John White.

Theodor de Bry (1528-1598) was trained as a goldsmith and his early years were spent in Liège in the southern Netherlands and Strasbourg, where in 1560 he enrolled as a member of the Guild of Goldsmiths. He married and his sons Johann Theodor (b.1563) and Johann Israel (b.1565) later became his apprentices. He travelled to Antwerp (1577-1585) and London (1585-1588) which saw a transition to engraving. The subsequent move to Frankfurt saw a decisive shift into book publishing.

Compiler: Simon Turner
Editor: Ger Luijten

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