Review The Liefrinck dynasty in Historians of Netherlandish Art

The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish - The Liefrink dynasty compiled by Jeroen Luyckx and edited by Huigen Leeflang has been reviewed by Larry Silver for Historians of Netherlandish Art.

Conclusion: Jeroen Luyckx has produced a meticulous and informative new addition to the important catalogues of Netherlandish prints by Sound & Vision, and they have given proper attention to proper print reproductions in these volumes. With the Liefrinck dynasty of block carvers and print publishers, Luyckx presents a vital link between Antwerp and Augsburg, and adds to the range of sixteenth-century Antwerp print production. In the process, Netherlandish woodcuts, often ignored in the century since Wouter Nijhoff, also regain some lost glory in these attractive pages.

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