XC Wigand Strigel - Johann Philipp the Lott the Elder

At long last the German Hollstein series has finished with artists whose surnames begin with the letter S and we can now usher in the letter T. We are even looking forward to U, V and W which should include some interesting printmakers such as Jonas Umbach and Hans Wechtlin, among a myriad of others.

The most significant artist in this volume is certainly Friedrich Sustris, a European with a Netherlandish family background, who was active in Italy and Southern Germany, in Augsburg, Landshut and Munich. The oeuvre includes a little-known single etching by the painter and designer and a coherent group of prints after his works by Domenicus Custos, Jan Sadeler and one by Lucas Kilian.

Another interesting artist included here is the cartographer and military engineer Daniel Suttinger who made numerous depictions of Vienna at the time of the second Turkish siege of 1683. Suttinger was commissioned by Emperor Leopold I to produce a wooden city model of the capital of the Holy Roman Empire but unfortunately it no longer survives. Fortunately, some remarkably detailed drawings are extant such as those dated 1676 and 1678 in the Kupferstich-Kabinett in Dresden and Wien Museum.

Apart from Friedrich Sustris and Daniel Suttinger this volume contains the work of the following artists: Wigand Strigel, Jörg Strobel, Hans Strohmayer, Wolfgang Stuber, Samuel Suchuduller, Johann Sultzer, Johann Jacob Sultzer, Andreas Summer, Lorenz van de Sype, Jörg Syrlin the Younger, August Heinrich Tanner, Johann Thaller and Johann Philipp Thelott the Elder.

Published in 2019
Compiler: Dieter Beaujean
Editor: Simon Turner
ISBN: 978-94-91539-59-6
248 pp.

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